Major Challenges Facing Public Schools
Public schools make education possible for all. Making a valuable resource available to all comes at a cost. Free public education for all is a noble idea from the government. This post sheds light on these challenges that continue to frustrate parents and children in the United States.
Excess Capacity

Picture a classroom that has a capacity of 30 students. Then imagine the same space filled with 60 students. That is the current situation at our public schools. It is commendable that enrollment has gone up in the districts. The best example is Georgia. The state had no choice but to lift all class size limits to accommodate students. More states are lining up. Fairfax County in Virginia is pushing for increased classroom sizes. 

Low Income Families
The tech firm Technorati announced that approximately a quarter of all students come from families living under the poverty level. Poverty in the American sense is a household of four that makes less than $23,000. When basic necessities of life aren't being satisfactorily met, it is quite difficult to focus on studies.

Issues at Home
The family is the basic social unit. We recharge our batteries at home. If a home is rocked by domestic violence children cannot learn. So that issue needs to be dealt with to ensure a student has the support and care they need to study. Other common issues are children whose parents are going through a divorce. Half of all marriages end in divorce. That sort of stress doesn’t make it easier for children to learn.

Teachers want to do everything they can to help. So even when they discover a problem at home, there is nothing they can really do, as a teacher's role in teaching cannot take the place of the time and effort a parent can provide.

The Internet

Technology is a tool. If this tool is used properly it has many benefits. However, when technology is abused, it can be a deterrent to learning. Many teenagers wonder if this whole thing be done online. Why go to class and have to deal with all the stress of school, when you can learn in the comfort of your home.  Add to that mix social media, where students are trying to be “cool” and now you have a recipe for disaster, as teachers have a hard enough time keeping a student’s attention without having to compete with Facebook & Twitter. Ultimately, technology has led to a certain percentage of students losing focus.

There are two sorts of bullying issues that plague certain students. One is bullying IRL (in real life). The other is cyber-bullying, where a student can get harassed on sites like Facebook and Instagram. Both will cause students to be disinterested in learning. Many schools have already deployed zero tolerance policies for bullying, but it is nearly impossible to stop all such cases. That is why many parents choose to send their kids to charter schools, which have an added element of security. If you would like to find our more details about Magnolia Charter High School campuses, then go to They have 11 campuses throughout California.


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